18 google Adsense approval requirements Tricks Official /Unofficial [2022]


Google AdSense program is a fa jintastic way to make a bit of pocket change from a medium-sized website, but there are many possible pitfalls. There are 14 Google AdSense approval requirements tricks. In addition to requiring an appropriate level of traffic to make money, you must ensure that all eligibility requirements are met. Start a wordpress blog that easily approved by google adsense

Google adsense has only a few specific and actual admissibility requirements for AdSense. I’m going to list them here, but what I’m most worried about is the “unofficial” adsense eligibility criteria. the ones that don’t necessarily prohibit you from participating in the program, but that make it possible to take advantage of the program.

Official google adsense approval requirements

We’ll start with the google adsense official requirements. You can find them on Google’s Help Center here. although some of the information will be spread over other pages and may be more difficult to track down. Is that why you asked me to take care of it for you? New best Google AdSense approval tricks.

1 .You need to own and monitor the site.

you must at least have control over your site’s content. If you post content that does not belong to you, you will be in violation of Google’s Terms of Use and, possibly, copyright.

There are a few exemptions. For instance, if you are a site that has syndication rights to re-issue content from other sources, you can still monetize that content.

As for “controlling” your site, this mostly means that you need to access the source code of your site. AdSense does not work if you cannot add the advertising code on the site, no? This also, with a few exceptions. For instance, sites such as HubPages enable users to write for the site. to add their own code and show ads rotating between their own and the author’s on this person’s content.. On the other hand, you can subscribe to AdSense for YouTube and monetize a YouTube account without ever having to play with the code, because it’s already there.

2.Your website should be unique and interesting.

This one, and the next one, are locked into a sub-page called “make sure your website’s pages are ready for AdSense.” Basically, it’s a different rule on how your site should have content worth monetizing. If Google finds your site is just full of thin pages, content stolen or scratched, content that is meaningless, or content that provides no value to a player, they will likely decline your request.

To be honest, this is a fairly general ranking question. As long as you’re writing your own content and it’s directed at something that people really want, you’re probably okay. The tiller is down.This is mainly intended to shut down spam websites, PBNs, content thieves, and other such websites

3.You must be over eighteen/18

That’s a very simple one. Under the terms and conditions of Google, that hardly anyone has ever read. Global history, in order to be eligible to use AdSense, you must be over 18 years of age.

It’s boring for those 17-year-old kids who make a successful site and have no way to monetize it, I guess? Honestly, if you set up a site good enough to be monetizing., you may use your parents’ information to register the account until you get old enough to get one of yours. This will not be a problem for most of you, so I will not write much more about it. Aged, that’s all!

4.Your website must be clearly navigated

Navigation is important so that users know their path on your site, Google has to ask their team to look at a website, so if they can’t navigate, you can’t get approval.

Here’s what Google says your website should get:

  • A user-friendly menu or navigation bar.
  • Menu bar items which are properly aligned.
  • Simple text to read on the bar.
  • Items, dropdown lists and links that all work correctly.

Google does not apply the “standard” web design that you see everywhere nowadays, of course. You can use a sidebar, an inverted sidebar, or even feet of page that hover over your browser if you really want, as long as it’s clear and functional. Users might dislike it, however. In addition, bear in mind that this, like most Google policies, applies to both desktop and mobile versions of the website.

5.You cannot circulate false trafficking For Google AdSense approval requirements

It’s a great, maybe one of the greatest AdSense policies out there, but that’s not something you can necessarily test or determine before you get program approval. Instead of being rejected, there is a greater chance that you will be banned from the program later. In the words of Google:

“Clicks on Google advertisements should be the result of real user interest. Any method that artificially generates clicks or prints on your Google ads is formally prohibited. These prohibited methods include, without limitation, repeated manual clicks or prints, automated tools for generating clicks and prints, and the use of deceptive robots or software. Please note that you may not click on your own advertisements for any reason.”

Google will sample your traffic and clicks, and if they find information you refer to fraudulent clicks.  impressions to your AdSense advertisements, they will not hesitate to forbid you.

6. Your content must adhere to Google’s content policies.

Google has many restrictions on the type of content that may be on a website that they monetize. Your website may not include adult content. porno-graphy, phylticshock content, threat, excessive profanity, hacking content, drug content, weapon sales, and more.

There’s much more to it than what I just wrote here, actually. You can read the whole section about content policies here. For the most part, this is “everything that is obscene, illegal, adult, violent, hateful or harmful” is prohibited. Make sure your site follows every rule before applying to get adsense approval fast

7.You are not permitted to circulate copyrighted material.

The content you post on your site, from images to text to videos, must be something you are permitted to use or share under copyright law.

For example, your pages should contain blog articles that you created yourself, images that you created yourself, a logo that you paid for creating for yourself, and things of that nature.

By contrast, your page should not include stolen content from another page, images extracted from the Google Image Search. without license to use them, or video that somebody else has made you present as your own.

In some cases, you may legally be able to use content you have not created . For example, integrating a public message onto social media or a YouTube video.  As long as you don’t pretend you created it when you didn’t, that’s fine.

8.Your language must be supported

Unfortunately, Google does not support any of the world’s languages for AdSense. There is no AdSense approval tricks .They want to ensure that they are posting ads that are readable for people who are watching the ads. Your website may be bilingual with content in an unsupported language, provided the majority of the content on the website is in a supported language.

 Your website must support Hindi English and marathi language 

9.Your site must not be abused.

site with a “misuse experience” is a site with a defined set of manipulative, harmful, false or misleading practices that Google prohibits.

There are :

  • Page items that resemble chat applications, system warnings, or other dialog boxes that the user would like to click on.
  • Areas on the page that can be clicked when there is no indication that they should be clicked.
  • Deceptive buttons, such as a “next page” arrow which leads to a home page.
  • Scripts that handle browser history to avoid using the “return” button.
  • Everything that uses social engineering and phishing to steal information.
  • Elements that create the impression that the user clicks to manipulate a user by clicking.
  • Malware of all kinds found on the site.

In essence, everything that makes a page look like trying to scam users, stealing information, delivery of malware, or otherwise committing some sort of fraud is prohibited.

10. There should be technical pages for Google AdSense approval requirements tricks

Google adsense doesn’t actually say it anywhere, but a page is far more likely to be rejected from the program because approval tricks. if it doesn’t have technical pages that establish trust in a brand.
the main pages are the three main pages: the Privacy Policy page, the About Us page and the Contact Us page.

They don’t necessarily have to be separate pages. It is generally a good idea to separate the privacy policy into another page if it is complex, but a simple “we collect no information” disclosure is sufficient in some cases. In addition, a About Us and a contact page are often the same page.

Having a About page helps users believe that you are who you claim to be and that there is some level of legitimacy behind your brand. Similarly, a contact page with information such as an address and phone number makes you more reliable than a trademark that cannot be contacted.

Unofficial google adsense approval requirements

The latest requirements are nowhere in the Google documentation.but they may be a reason why your site is turned down when you submit an application, or they may be a reason. why you were accepted, but don’t take away a lot from the program.. It’s a good idea to tick these boxes before trying to apply, to get the best experience possible.

11. Your Site Should Be At Least two Months Old

Brand new website probably has very little traffic, meaning that it will earn very little money. Trying to create new sites, monetize them quickly, and throw them away when they are banned will not give much money to live in the U.S. However, in a country like Bangladesh and Pakistan, where the cost of living is much lower, this type of abuse could be much more lucrative. Thus, Google tends to have a wait time for new websites based in these areas.

It is another “unwritten” policy which is not really a policy, but which may affect a large number of candidates.Essentially, when AdSense started, it was easy to request and get approval. Then Google found out that they had a problem with tons of new low-quality sites that were eating cash in bulk, so they started raising their standards. Nearly every rule above is something they encountered and had to banish.

12.Using other Ad network with adsense may get problem

Google adsense have  couple of guidelines on how non-Google ads can be shown with Google ads. We do allow affiliate or limited-text links.

If your ad network already displays Google ads on your pages, you can always join AdSense and run ads on your site via our program. However, in accordance with our inventory policy, you are not allowed to place more ads than content on your page.

Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to resolve contractual problems that may arise with your advertising network due to the direct delivery of Google ads..

13. reasons why adsense approval rejected

please select good hosting in WordPress because of bad hosting your website not load fast . And google team see your website its not get  load that’s why google team reject your google adsense approval.

For Best Hosting

14 you need minimum Traffic for google adsense approval requirements

Google doesn’t necessarily reject a site for not getting enough traffic, although they could. If you don’t have enough traffic, however, you’re not going to make enough money to even cash in. How many people do you need to make a reasonable dollar figure?

So here you have: the typical qualifying conditions for successful AdSense. How would they fit into your own experience?

How Much Traffic Required for adsense approval

You need maximum 100 plus traffic a day and minimum about 60

Q1.how do you qualify for Google AdSense?

you just need some traffic and two month old website you will get AdSense approval careful don’t use copyright content.

Q2.how to check my website is ready for AdSense?

there is no tool for check AdSense eligibility you need to to sign up for AdSense and there will you get further detail about your website.

Q3. Eligibility criteria before applying for AdSense

just remember 2 things organic traffic and no copyright content you will get show only AdSense approval.

Q4. How to check AdSense status?

just login to Google AdSense by your email and check whether your AdSense is approved or not, you will receive email if get approval.

Q5. How to check Website for AdSense approval?

your site must have at least five unique content
Your website must be two months old
your website must be user optimised
These three tips you do and get 100% AdSense approval.

Q6.can I copy the content from another website and paste it to my website?

no because Google want fresh content . And Google give AdSense approval to those website which have unique content Google loves unique content and hate copiism

Q7.What is the damage to your site with a copy article/post?

In Google system you will get copyright mark and your website never rank that’s why why people don’t find your website. Therefore there is no traffic and AdSense approval that’s why I make it clean content.

Q8.how to get Google AdSense approval in 1 minute?

my dear friend it’s not possible don’t waste your time on this just do smart work.

Q9.how many articles or post required for AdSense approval?

doesn’t require mini post I receive my Google AdSense approval only in 5 post. Copy articles you use your own written article in website

Q10.how much Google AdSense pay per 1000 views?

it’s depend on your post if you use high CPC keyword and you are RPM is good then you will get 2$ to 3$ dollars per thousand views

Q11.organic traffic is needed or not for AdSense approval?

no there is no official announcement about this in Google AdSense program. You just need to do smart work for AdSense approval if you want to you know how to get AdSense approval within 2 months then read my post.

AdSense approval tricks

There is no trick you need only to do smart work for Google AdSense approval requirement


We Learn Today about “14 google Adsense approval requirements Tricks You Must know [2021]” in which you learn what to do aur not for AdSense approval tricks , then we talk about which factors affecting your AdSense approval why it’s get rejected and how to fix it. We discuss question about getting AdSense approval so so just check it for your reference.

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